How to Design a Custom Mural for Your Business


How to Design a Custom Mural for Your Business
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How to Design a Custom Mural for Your Business

Murals have been a powerful artform throughout history. From speaking out on social issues to dressing up drab urban areas, murals are a great way to add beauty while communicating a message message. Perhaps this is why your business is considering a wall mural. You know that with the right design and the right vivid coloration, it’ll certainly make a brand-boosting impression on clientele and employees alike.

But what should your new wall graphics even look like? Goodness knows the possibilities are endless and the stakes are high. You might feel as though you’ve been given a blank sheet of paper and told to create something fit for a national art museum. With such complete freedom in your hands, how can you make sure that your mural will be something that’s a worthwhile investment?

Elite Tinting & Graphics is here to help. Our decades of graphic design expertise combined with the top-notch 3M technology we use means we’re the perfect fit for all of your wall-graphic needs. If you want, you can leave design to the pros, but if you’re looking to have a more active input, here are some techniques, ideas, and information to help you brainstorm.

Expand Your Idea of What a Mural Can Be

Though wall graphics are generally what’s known as a mural, the talented designers at Elite Tinting & Graphics are capable of designing for anything from walls to floors to railings to windows. That wide swath of space in the back of your business isn’t the only candidate for some sprucing up, so try to think outside the box a bit. Even the most out-there idea is worth consideration!

Other things to consider when adding large decals to your business include:

●        What message do you want to send to visitors? A massive piece of fresh fruit as a floor graphic, for example, might imply that your product – say, produce – is just as fresh and encourages customers to buy it. Make sure the message your wall mural proposes in some way encourages sales or business and isn't just something nice to look at.

●        How will you use negative space? In art, the space that’s taken up by images is just as important as the space that isn’t. Both play a role in creating an appealing set of wall graphics, so consider a design that isn’t too cluttered with visual information.

●        Where do customers tend to hang out inside your building? A wall graphic, for example, might be especially effective if positioned in a waiting area where visitors can usually be found.

Contact Elite Tinting & Graphics for Custom Wall Graphics & Murals

From design to installation, we handle it all! And we do so with legendary customer service, a truly stand-out design team, and the help of some awesome local artists. Give our Duluth office a call today at 218-628-3008.

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