3 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Car Window Tinting


3 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Car Window Tinting
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3 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Car Window Tinting

It seems more and more cars on the roads these days have their windows tinted. The reasons for this can vary a lot. Perhaps the driver just wanted a little more privacy, or maybe they’re interested in the UV-blocking benefits to protect their vehicle’s pricey leather interior. Regardless, one of these reasons has captured your attention, and now you’re looking into car window tinting for your own beloved ride.

If you’ve searched the topic up on the internet even once, you’ll see countless blogs stating that this is an easy project to do yourself. And, given that you’re probably spending less time out of the house and that car window tint pros obviously charge for their services, you might just be tempted to give it a go.

We at Elite Tinting & Graphics, while we admire your ambition, are here to tell you to resist that temptation! As simple and money-saving as DIY auto window tinting might seem, it’s always a task best left to pros like us.

Total Success By DIY Is a “Pie in the Sky”

By “pie in the sky,” we mean something that is pleasant to contemplate but quite unlikely to be successful.

While applying a film to your windows might just look like slapping a sticker down, in reality, it’s a lot more complicated than that. The auto window tint process is fraught with potential complications, and even if you’ve researched those potential complications and how to handle them, an inexperienced hand and a 400-word blog post can only do so much.

By hiring the car window tint professionals at Elite Tinting & Graphics, you’re not just handling potential complications – you’re eliminating them in the first place.

Air Bubbles

An unclean working area can result in unsightly blemishes in the finished car window tint job that look like bubble wrap. By unclean, we mean that bubbles can be caused by the slightest lingering speck of dust. With the keen-eyed techs and sparkling clean shop Elite Tinting & Graphics possesses, though, bubbles become a complete nonissue.

Tint Tickets & Fines

Different states have different laws regarding how much you’re allowed to tint your windows, so play it safe and get the help of a business who works within these laws day in and day out.

Tool Mishaps

There are plenty of tools involved in the auto window tint process that you might not find in your standard arsenal, like a heat gun and a scraper. Don’t waste money on things you’ll only need for one job, and don’t risk the personal danger and shoddy workmanship that come with your first-time use. Let Elite Tinting & Graphics save you the cash, clutter, and mistakes.

Contact Elite Tinting & Graphics for Professional Quality Auto Window Tint

Our Duluth team is here to make a once daunting task as easy as a visit. Give us a call today at 218-628-3008, or click here to request an auto window tinting quote!

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