Formula One Automotive Window Tint – Are You Getting the Best?

Formula One Automotive Window Tint - Are You Getting the Best? - Automotive Window Tinting in Duluth, Minnesota

The team at Elite Tinting & Graphics have chosen Formula One Automotive Window Tint as the best choice for our customer’s vehicles. This article gives you three reasons we believe that to be the case.

Reasons We Choose Formula One Automotive Window Tinting For Our Duluth, Minnesota Clientele

It’s the difference between style and substance. It’s the extra mile that you put into your vehicle and that you expect from the products you buy. Formula One High Performance Auto Tint® has been specially designed to give you the highest heat and glare reduction on the market – improving comfort and helping take the strain off of your AC.

The ability to be precise is the ability to excel. Formula One High Performance Auto Tint is manufactured and engineered with the utmost precision by the world’s leader in applied films. Every product is backed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty*. The quality and consistency of our films is matched only by the select few that qualify to be authorized FormulaOne dealers and installers.

Beyond performance and precision, protection is the most essential yet elusive quality. While many films simply look good, Formula One High Performance Auto Tint provides you and your vehicle with the highest UV protection in the industry – keeping your car’s interior looking newer longer, and helping shield you and your passengers from UV exposure.

We hope this article gave you some insight into why Elite Tinting & Graphics chose Formula One for our automotive window tint customers. If you would like more information on the quality automotive window film products that we offer, contact us by calling (218) 628-3008 or emailing us at We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of implementing a window film solution in your Duluth, Minnesota area car, home or commercial space.

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