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Car Window Tinting & Paint Protection Film

Elite Services to Protect Your Vehicle

  • Performance When installed by our seasoned technicians, auto tint provides heat and glare reduction, improving comfort and helping your vehicle’s systems operate more efficiently.
  • Protection Window tinting and paint protection film work together to protect your vehicle’s original design – inside and out – for years to come.
  • Safety Car window tint helps conceal valuables inside your vehicle and reduces the risk of glass shattering during accidents.
  • Long-Lasting Results The premium products we use for tinting and paint protection are guaranteed by warranty to last for a significant time.

Car Window Tinting

Are you looking for products to protect and enhance the interior or exterior of your vehicle – or both? Elite Tinting & Graphics installs auto window tinting and car paint protection film that can help keep your ride pristine. With an elite dealer network and experienced professionals, we provide industry-leading products and services in northern Minnesota and beyond.

Keep your vehicle looking newer longer and enhance its resale value! Contact Elite Tinting & Graphics today for high-quality car window tinting and paint protection services.

Car Window Tinting Services in Northern MN

Investing in window tinting can go a long way toward protecting the interior of your vehicle – and you and your passengers – from harmful UV rays. At Elite Tinting & Graphics, we use Llumar’s FormulaOne Auto Tint because it provides superior performance, precision, and protection.


It’s the difference between style and substance. It’s the extra mile that you put into your vehicle and that you expect from the products you buy. FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint is specially designed to give you the highest heat and glare reduction on the market – improving comfort and helping take the strain off of your AC.


The ability to be precise is the ability to excel. FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint is manufactured and engineered with the utmost precision by the world’s leader in applied films. Every product is backed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The quality and consistency of our films is matched only by the select few that qualify to be authorized FormulaOne dealers and installers.


Beyond performance and precision, protection is the most essential yet elusive quality. While many films simply look good, FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint provides you and your vehicle with the highest UV protection in the industry, keeping your car’s interior looking newer longer, and helping shield you and your passengers from UV exposure.

Each state has its own tinting laws, which includes Minnesota, but our products fit into these regulations and go above and beyond to ensure they fulfill their purpose. To learn more about our car tinting services, send us a message.

Auto Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film installed by Elite Tinting & Graphics can help preserve the original integrity of your vehicle’s paint job and protect against scratches and stains. We use the 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series because of its proven results and multi-faceted uses. This film is virtually invisible and can be used all over the vehicle – without changing the design or original colors – to protect vulnerable areas, such as:

  • Hoods
  • Bumpers
  • Door handle cavities
  • Door edges
  • Rocker panels
  • Rear fender panels
  • Side mirrors

Our certified technicians use the latest technology and research to ensure our products provide exceptional clarity, unrivaled resistance to scratches and stains, self-healing technology, and remains durable and maintenance-free.

Additionally, choosing our services for your paint protection film can save you a lot of money. If you went to a dealership for these services, you’d spend far more than you need to. As the region’s primary paint protection film provider, we can do it better and cheaper!

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