Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

3M Color Change Vehicle Wraps

If you’re considering changing the look of your classic or luxury vehicle, you’re probably aware that paint jobs can either devalue your investment significantly or, done right, they can be very costly. What you might not know is that a vehicle wrap can be an easy and cost effective way to shake up your look while protecting the value of your vehicle.

Even if you’re leasing, solid color vehicle wraps are 100% removable. They act as a protective cover for your paint rather than damaging it. A vehicle wrap involves taking sheets of high quality 3M 1080 Scotchcal™ vinyl and literally forming them to the surface of your car. A professionally installed wrap will transform the look of your vehicle, allowing you to achieve a matte black wrap, matte tan or other custom colors and finishes, all without devaluing your vehicle with changing the O.E.M. registered paint color!

  • Vehicle wraps cost less than a premium paint job at a certified and insured body shop
  • Protect O.E.M. paint from the elements
  • 100% removable (Clean Removal)
  • Lasts up to 8 years
  • Protect leased vehicles from road debris
  • Maintain the value of your luxury or classic car
  • Choose from 3M 1080 Scotchcal™ solid color matte finished wraps or other finishes and textures
  • Seamless finish, just like paint

Get inspired by visiting 3M 1080 Scotchcal™ customizer site: 3M – 3m Wraps Customizer

Printed 3M Vehicle Wraps

Elite Tinting and Graphics is known for vehicle wraps. We do a lot of them. And we are good at it. So if you’re interested wrapping your car, truck, or van, to promote your event or company you’ve come to the right place.

If you are interested in justifying the investment for transforming your vehicle into mobile marketing, please read the attached information. *Most impressive is that you can have a vehicle wrapped for less than almost any advertising cost and they last for 5-8 years. 3M Vehicle wrap costs range from $1500 – $8,000 (many cars start around $2,000 with a large bus or trailer at the top of that range). Even if you spend $4,250 and your classy SUV wrap lasts eight years that boils down to about $44/month in advertising revenue.

Are you asking yourself, “Why Advertising Vehicle Wraps on 3M materials?”

It’s a pretty big decision. After all, vehicle wraps, or vehicle graphics, aren’t exactly traditional advertising and aren’t all made the same. They are a 24-7 high impact mobile billboard and need to last and perform like your company.

To help you have a full understanding of why vehicle branding is so important, here are a few facts:

  • The American Trucking Association (ATA) reported 91% of people surveyed do notice vehicle graphics
  • The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated that a vehicle can generate between 30K – 70K impressions daily
  • According to 3M™ (a prominent tape and vinyl substrate provider) a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to
  • produce the same effects of a $3,500 vehicle wrap
  • Studies effectively show vehicle graphics make name recognition more than 15 times greater

How much does a printed 3M vehicle wrap cost?

One of the most important considerations for a potential vehicle wrap owner is: how much does a 3M vehicle wrap cost? There are many variables that go into the creation of a vehicle wrap. This will describe how Elite Tinting and Graphics determines the price of our 3M wraps and graphics, as well as provide you with a range of vehicle wrap costs depending on coverage and complexity.

The cost of a vehicle wrap is dependent on the following variables:

Square Footage of Vehicle: Vehicle wrap prices are primarily based on the amount of square footage of material needed to wrap a vehicle. Because of this, a larger vehicle like a cargo van or a box truck will cost more than something smaller, like a compact car. This is also the reason that full vehicle wraps are more expensive than partial wraps.

Complexity of Vehicle: Some vehicles are more physically complex and detailed than others, which means that our installers will require extra labor time to make sure that your wrap is properly installed. A vehicle that is particularly curvy, like a Mini Cooper or Chevy HHR, will take more time than a vehicle that is made up of more simple smooth flat surfaces, like a Sprinter Van or a vehicle with no bumper wrap coverage.

3M™ Material Used For Wrapping: There are many different kinds of 3M™ vinyl wrap materials available, and the quality of your wrap material will affect the overall cost. All of our wraps are done using premium 3M™ materials, but if your wrap requires something different, such as a short term 3M™ vinyl, the price of your wrap will be cheaper due to the life term and material performance.

Window and Roof Coverage: An important consideration for your vehicle wrap is whether or not you will be covering the windows with 3M™ perforated material and wrapping the roof of your vehicle. Leaving your windows and roof blank will cut down on the available space for your vehicle graphics, but it can also reduce the square footage of material used and cut costs.

Vehicle Wrap Price Range:

At Elite Tinting and Graphics, we break down our vehicle wraps into three price categories. The prices below illustrate a range, and are of course subject to all of the variables that we mentioned above.

  1. Vehicle Graphics start at $400
  2. Partial Vehicle Wraps start at $1,500
  3. Full Vehicle Wraps start at $2,600

Application – Taking care of details

At the application stage it is all about the prep labor and proper 3M™ certified preparation and 3M™ prep supplies. This happens after the complete de-assembly of the vehicle body areas that are getting wrapped and for the wrap to end into and behind the complex areas that are behind lights, bumpers, fender flairs, gaskets, body trim, and hardware. It is also needed to clean off hidden dirt and grime in the nooks and crannies. Otherwise the adhesive would fail from contaminates.

Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl graphics for cars, trucks and vans is extremely advanced from the vinyl used years ago. With durable 3M™ vinyl graphics and lettering, you can skip worrying about faded, chipped or peeling letters without clean removal technology on your company’s work trucks and instead, offer a noticeable, eye-grabbing message that can also include graphics! All with less back end labor cost in the end of the vehicles term.

Elite Tinting and Graphics offers three types of 3M™ Vehicle Graphics

  1. Cut vinyl lettering and logos
  2. Cut vinyl lettering and logos with printed vehicle graphics
  3. Cut vinyl lettering and logos with partial wraps

These are budget friendly solutions to help you build your brand identity and get noticed! Combined with 3M™ printed or non printed vinyl and installed by 3M™ certified installers, you will be happy with the result and integrity.

Cut Vinyl Lettering and Logos:

Our budget friendly vinyl lettering is made from long term heavy-duty, cast (not cheaper short term calendared) vinyl from 3M™ and Orical®. This option is not only the most affordable, cut vinyl lettering and logos has proven to be effective much like printed graphics if done correctly, placed in the right areas to gain the most visual views and with the availability of many colors to choose from.

Cut Vinyl Lettering and Logos Combined w/ Printed & Cut Vehicle Graphics:

This option uses cut solid color vinyl and printed 3M™ vehicle graphics such as your logo or some industry images—or all three! Graphics and logos, website addresses and telephone numbers all help to pull these solutions together.

Cut Vinyl Lettering and Logos w/ Partial Wraps:

Many of our clients are choosing our cut vinyl lettering and logos with partial wraps combo. Here, our designers will work with you to determine the best placement for the partial 3M™ wrap as well as using cut vinyl lettering and logos to compliment the graphics on the wraps.

Looking for a More Economical Solution?:

Vehicle lettering kits are an easy and cost effective option to custom graphics. With Elite Tinting and Graphics Vehicle Lettering Kits, the hard work has already been done. All you have to do is tell us what type of vehicle. Each Kit can be customized to fit your particular needs (set up fees may apply). Color and font changes are done at no extra charge. Incorporate your department’s patch and or badge to complete the design.

Power Sports Graphics:

From simple one color number panels to full color digital design and application, we can give you the look that you desire on your bike, sled, ATV, or side by side. You put a lot into your sport. Invest in a professional appearance!



Marine Graphics

Give your boat a presence with colorful graphics, eye-catching boat wraps from Elite Tinting and Graphics. The boat industry has embraced this modern method and it’s many advantages. Whether you are a water sports fanatic or a professional fisherman, we can design it, produce it, and our 3M™ Certified installers install your boat graphics.

Our designers can create custom graphics for you or produce the graphics with which your sponsor supplied. We combine cutting edge graphics with our high definition color printing capabilities to create unlimited graphic options to set you apart from the competition.

If your boat could use a facelift or if you’re tired of that old design or have no existing boat graphics. You’ve arrived at right place. Elite Tinting and Graphics has amazed our customers with decals, and full boat wraps. Our customer service, selection and attention to detail are second to none.

Boat wraps are an excellent way to promote your product, team, or dealership. We all know that vehicle wraps are commonly seen on vehicles including buses, taxis, trains and trucks. Marinas are no exception for their ability to advertise to prospective clients here in the Twin Ports and all over the land of 10,000 lakes. In fact, boats are moving billboards when traveling to and from the marina or in competitions where spectators and sponsors will see your wrap.

Many boat wraps are for professional bass fishing boats for sponsors to get their name in front of the camera for TV coverage. Recently boat wraps have become highly popular for wake boats and ski boats. Even pontoon boats are getting in on the action. These pleasure boaters are looking for a method of sprucing up an older model boat with a fresh new look or just adding graphics that match their taste. Whatever your inspiration, our design staff can accommodate your design needs and provide the theme you are looking for in your boat graphic wraps.

So whether you are a professional tournament bass fisherman, weekend wake surfing or water skiing enthusiast, or captain of a performance in shore or offshore boat, Elite Tinting and Graphics can turn your boat into a vibrant, eye-catching symbol that will make waves on the lake when you take it out. Once installed our 3M™ materials are fully warranted to bear the brunt of the hard exposure to marine environments. You and your boat deserve the best materials to showcase your boat from the marina to the open water.

Trailer Graphics

At Elite Tinting & Graphics, we know that first impressions make lasting impressions. Our 3M™ trailer wraps, graphics, and decals create a strong, inviting display for your next event or road trip, or a cost-effective and unique method of advertising your business, hobby, community or non-profit group. Let your trailer work for you!

Elite Tinting & Graphics provides 3M™ wraps for any size trailers. This is a great advertisement tool, it’s the size of a billboard. You can park your vehicle with the trailer next to the freeway exposing free advertisement. We can wrap any type of trailer like Horse trailer, Gooseneck Race Trailer, Travel Trailer Camper, Motorcycle Trailer, Semi-trailer, Utility Trailer, 5th wheel Camper, & More

View Our Wrap and Graphics Portfolio

Fleet Graphics

If your business regularly hits the streets in multiple vehicles, why not make the most of your mobility with a fleet of vehicle wraps? These billboards on wheels are high impact mobile marketing techniques—proven to increase brand awareness.

Fleet Wrap Design:

We offer three varieties of design coverage; full wraps, partial wraps, and custom decals and lettering.

  1. A full wrap involves bumper-to-bumper vinyl. Typically, full wraps are great if you’re looking to showcase large branding, tie several photographic images together or give your fleet vehicles a consistent color change from your brands pallet.
  2. Partial wraps are popular choices for fleets since they use less material than full wraps, which can keep costs down. Further, the partial wrap can sometimes translate to larger vehicles in a more creative way than the full wrap. A partial wrap still allows for big, bold graphics, but usually only on the sides or back of a vehicle.
  3. Custom decals and lettering is a good option for companies who only want to convey basic information on their vehicles, such as the name or logo. Some simple contact information like a web address or phone number might also be included.

The advantage of a national fleet wrap from Elite Tinting & Graphics

  • Keeping costs affordable through bulk printing jobs
  • We will print large runs of your graphics and warehouse them to ensure prompt delivery and installation of future jobs
  • Installation and removal nationwide
  • Access to the knowledge and creativity of an experienced staff of graphic designers
  • Attention to detail and quality control
  • We are happy to coordinate with your designer, ad agency, leasing company, or OEM, on every aspect of your project
  • Keeping your brand consistent and noticeable
  • You’ll be certain that every wrap on the road will meet your company guidelines and our high standards of quality

Public Safety

Since 1991, Elite Tinting & Graphics has been specializing in custom vehicle markings for police, sheriff and fire departments as well as military agencies. We will match your existing vehicle graphics or design something new for squad car/truck/suv decals, badges and emblems all made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film, 3M™ 1080 Scotchcal™ wrap films, or 3M™ paint protection films.

Elite Tinting & Graphics will be your one stop shop for any public safety vehicle graphics. Whether you need to mark a new vehicle with your current design, add safety markings or 3M™ ballistic security window film/tint to the glass, or need something more unique to reflect your department and community, our design team will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. We even have solutions for wrap and decals that are nicked and dinged by holsters and radios.

Looking for a more economical solution? Vehicle lettering kits are an easy and cost effective option to custom graphics. With Elite Tinting and Graphics Vehicle Lettering Kits, the hard work has already been done. All you have to do is tell us what type of vehicle. Each Kit can be customized to fit your particular needs (set up fees may apply). Color and font changes are done at no extra charge. Incorporate your department’s patch and or badge to complete the design.