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Signs & Banners

The investment you make in sign construction, materials, and design will pay off in the long run. We’ve seen it many times: people who have ordered cheap signs, flags, or banners only to be disappointed because the product ripped, faded or failed is some way prematurely.

Don’t make costly mistakes. Contact Elite Tinting & Graphics before you order any signage. When it comes to your outdoor business signs, flags & banners it’s critical that art, craftsmanship, and experience come together to deliver a quality product at a great price. That’s value.

Elite Tinting & Graphics can help you to advertise your business or any type of special event with elegant and colorful press walls, signs or vinyl banners.

All of our signs and banners are able to have customized fabrication depending on your needs.

Printed Banners

  • 10,13,15, and 18 o.z also Mesh “High wind” Banner (Single or Double Sided w/ Grommets or Pole Pockets)
  • Roll-up and Economy Banner Stands
  • Flags
  • Press Walls, Backdrops, and Event Fencing
  • Custom Shapes Available


  • Translucent Back Light Sign Panel (Printed or Cut Vinyl)
  • Aluminum Composite DiBond® Sign Panel (Printed or Cut Vinyl)
  • PVC Sintra Sign Panel 3mm or 8mm thick (Printed or Cut Vinyl)
  • Coroplast™ Sign Panel 6mm or 11mm thick (Printed or Cut Vinyl)
  • Yard Signs (Single and Double Sided) Framed, H Wire, or High Wind Plastic Stakes (Printed or Cut Vinyl)
  • Magnetic Sign Systems


Magnetic signs are an excellent way to give your independent business increased exposure. A magnetic sign on your vehicle enables you to advertise wherever you drive and gives you the flexibility to easily remove it when you want. When properly cleaned and cared for magnetic car signs can last up to three years.

Here’s how to learn how to get the most life out of your custom car magnets.


  • Always clean the car magnet and the surface to which you are applying it
  • A clean vehicle will prevent your magnet from slipping off your vehicle at high speeds
  • Wipe dry before applying
  • Custom car magnets can become stiff in cold conditions and may not properly grip your vehicle panels


  • Attach your magnet to a smooth metal surface that is as flat as possible
  • Affix one corner of the sign first, and then allow the magnetic “pull” to attach the rest
  • Make sure the entire sign is flat against the surface with no air pockets
  • If you position your magnetic sign incorrectly, remove it and reattach. Do not pull the magnet across the surface as it could stretch
  • Do not attach your auto magnets over a ridge, trim or rust spot that would prevent the sign from laying flat
  • Make sure your car magnet signs are firmly affixed to the vehicle before driving

Removing & Cleaning:

  • When removing your magnetic car sign, be careful not to bend or crease the corners of your sign
  • Remove your car magnets periodically to check that they are still securely fastened and to clean if necessary
  • Avoid applying your auto magnets to horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, such as car hoods
  • You can clean the surface of your custom magnet with a wet paper towel. Products like Windex can help with small smudges or stains
  • Make sure to completely dry your magnet after cleaning


  • Keep your vehicle magnets in a clean, dry place when not in use
  • Store your custom car magnets by stacking them on a flat surface
  • Do not stack vehicle signs with the magnetic sides touching each other
  • Do not store heavy objects on top of or against your magnet signs

Art Prints

This is really cool. If you need to reproduce artwork or photography on any scale, canvas printing from Elite Tinting & Graphics will add the perfect touch of elegance and dramatic flair.

Any scale! Think about that! From a single wall-size image to thousands of smaller, custom- canvas frameless prints for commercial or museum-quality display, look no further than Elite Tinting & Graphics.

Talk about a dramatic impact!

Canvas prints can be made to almost any size up to 54″ wide by any length.

Kiln dried wood stretcher frames provide the frameless art gallery look. Call today to discuss all of your canvas printing mounting and display options!


Need custom text? Elite Tinting and Graphics will help create the exact custom decal stickers that you need for any surface. Our custom stickers adhere to walls, windows, and vehicles, making it possible to create custom text wall decals, in loving memory car decals, business signs, and more!

Looking for something for your business? Elite Tinting and Graphics can make the perfect business window lettering to display your business name or hours, as well as mailbox lettering or any other custom work you require.

Need to decal your vehicle? Our custom decal stickers give you the ability to design your own moto, windshield or car vinyl stickers. We’ll also help you with adding custom registration decals to your boat, jetski, ATV, and USDOT vehicle.

If you want any type of custom text wall decals or vinyl stickers, we can help you. With thousands of fonts to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Pick your favorite song lyrics or inspirational quote for a custom quote decal. All custom text wall decals can come on our removable wall vinyl, making it possible to remove and replace on walls.

Custom Design & Specialty Wraps

Have something unique? We can wrap it in what ever you would like to add some personality or branding. We’ve done projects where we’ve applied graphics that look and feel like stainless steel, carbon fiber, wood. Also print fine art, photos, textile prints, and company logos.

It’s a great way to combine the high performance of 3M™ products with the craftsmanship of 3M™ certified installers to give almost anything a new look or professional appearance—at a very reasonable expense. Here is a list of some ideas:

  • Complete appliance sets
  • Stand Mixers
  • Table & Desk tops
  • Tool boxes
  • Helmets
  • Prosthetics
  • Laptops & Computer Systems
  • Office copiers
  • Coffee pots
  • Beach/Charter Fishing Coolers
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Musical instruments
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