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Wall Graphics & Murals

Custom Graphics for Walls, Floors, & Murals

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    From wall murals designed by elite artists to decorative window film, we specialize in graphic design solutions that can enhance the visual appeal and value of your business and its vehicles.
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    We’re committed to providing each customer with high-quality products and services. Read our reviews to see what previous customers have to say!
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    We’re the region’s leader in every service we offer. From car paint protection film to custom wall graphics, we produce the highest quality results at the most affordable prices.

Wall Graphics & Murals

If you want to transform a space from wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling, choose Elite Tinting & Graphics – northern Minnesota’s local provider of custom wall graphics and murals! Our talented team prints and installs graphics and decals that can turn walls, floors, railings, columns, fences, sidewalks, windows, and just about anything else you can think of into something new and exciting. We combine art, technology, and expert installation to help our customers bring their visions to life!

Elite Tinting & Graphics can create wall graphics and murals of any size for indoor and outdoor environments! Call 218-628-3008 to get started!

Wall Graphics & Murals

Wall murals are an effective way to broadcast a message or image to your target audience. If you’re looking for a wall mural, no matter the shape, size, or difficulty of the image, our team of graphic designers and local artists is here to help!

When you come to us with a design in mind, we’ll get design mockups to you quicker than any company that specializes in the same services. From there, we’ll work with you to finalize the design before getting started. Using 3M wall materials, we will print and install your graphic, so it lasts for its desired time frame.

We use a variety of high-performing 3M products and choose materials based on how long you want the graphic or mural to be in place. Contact us to learn more today!

Floor & Street Graphics

Street and floor graphics are one of the most effective branding and marketing solutions available. When you see large graphics on display on the floors of businesses, airports, and streets, they’re hard to miss! Come to Elite Tinting & Graphics for your design needs, and we’ll work with you to create a custom design that grabs attention.

Our services include:

  • Design – We’ll ensure you approve our design before using our digital printing and hands-on capabilities to make the image to size. The colors will pop and be eye-catching to enhance your business!
  • Printing – Like the rest of our work, our floor and street graphics are produced with the highest resolution printers.
  • Installation – Using 3M’s high-quality vinyl materials and protective laminate, we’ll install your floor or street graphics in the requested areas.

Not only will your street and floor graphics catch people’s attention as they’re walking over them, but they’re also great for advertising your brand elsewhere. With these large graphics, the images are visible and captivating from above, making them valuable in large cities where many businesses are in tall buildings.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are typically a smaller version of a floor graphic, but just as detailed and captivating! We can produce any size and shape floor decal for use in small and large spaces. Floor decals can also be used to enhance existing floor and street graphics.

Thanks to our high-quality digital printing capabilities, your decals can have intricate details and colors. The 3M materials we use for floor decals are also slip-resistant and won’t damage the original floor.

Contact Elite Tinting & Graphics

If you’re in northern Minnesota and looking for a versatile team of graphic designers and artists to help with your graphics project, contact Elite Tinting & Graphics today! We have several local artists on hand to help with various projects. Give us a call at 218-628-3008 or message us on our contact page today to get started!